About your nation

Joshua Nulph is a graduate of the Highlands School District and has deep roots of public service in our community.  

Josh is local to PA-33 and has spent time serving on the Recreation Board in Harrison Township where he sits as the board Chairman, previously serving as the board Treasurer. He is the youngest appointed official in the history of Harrison Township.  Joshua is also a former member of the PA statewide Faith Advisory Board, serving to advance the Christian vote during the 2016 Presidential and Senate election cycle. 

Josh’s family are business owners and understand how taxes affect small businesses. Josh currently works as a retirement consultant for, Safety First Retirement, and is a certified life-insurance agent.

Josh is not a career politician, and that is exactly why he is running. His goal is to serve the people of the 33rd district and work diligently to influence the lives of the citizens for the better.