For years, the tax payer of District 33 has been taken advantage of. Our citizens currently pay some of the highest property taxes in the state. This is more of your hard- earned money being taken away by the government.  It is time for a representative that stands up for the people, supports and writes legislation that keeps more money in your pockets. I will be that representative.


Opioid Epidemic

With Allegheny County ranked 6th in drug related overdose deaths in the state and Westmoreland County ranked 10th, it Is time to take action. Many lives have been lost to the opioid epidemic. The minimal discussion of this matter in Harrisburg is detrimental to our families, schools, and communities. It is the duty of a State Representative to provide first responders and local municipalities with the tools they need to combat this nationwide epidemic. I will take this fight to Harrisburg and we will win. District 33 will be the example of how to successfully combat this issue.



The opportunity that lives in District 33 is overwhelming. Job creation starts with a State Representative actively advocating for the development of new business and promoting the general welfare of small businesses, which continue to be the backbone of the American economy and District 33.


Term Limits

If elected to the State House, I will be setting myself a limit of 5 terms. If I cannot improve the district in ten years, then I need to step aside. By having monthly town hall meetings, the voters will be able to keep me accountable on promises such as this.


Defining the Role of a State Representative

The goal of every state representative should be to serve the citizens they represent. The needs of the district come before the needs of the person in charge. That being said, to save the taxpayer money, I will do my part. I will not be accepting the per diem given to the legislators.


Monthly Town Halls

Town hall meetings are an important part of consistently giving the people of District 33 a voice. The unfortunate circumstance is that our district does not have reoccurring town hall meetings, which means our people are not being heard in Harrisburg. It is time for the people to finally have a voice again. Monthly town hall meetings are a cornerstone of my campaign’s platform, because communication is vital to success in any arena.